Our Manifesto

MCA Montessori School is a school for boys and girls, commits itself to the development of Filipino youth who loves his people, culture and tradition; becomes a well-balanced individual who is nurtured to be sensitive to the needs of his environment and will enable him to satisfactorily meet the requirements of being a responsible citizen. 

MCA Montessori School is a non-sectarian educational institution founded on the principle that education be made available to everyone, irrespective of creed and economic status, allowing every child to grown naturally, retain their individuality and develop their own unique personality. The school promotes physical and intellectual freedom in the school environment, where all activities are within reach to allow free choice from self-discipline

MCA Montessori School is committed to bring about awareness of the real world to its students, and that they are encouraged to take care of themselves, and learn to understand and respect natural world around them.