Mission and Vision


MCA Montessori School’s mission is to advance each child’s inherent right to education through activities, programs and learning opportunities that ensure competent, holistic, dynamic quality education.



MCA Montessori School Vision is supported by four key principles.

HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT – MCA Montessori School will dedicate itself in providing holistic development to each student and assuring that each child is well-rounded and ready in facing challenges through the multiple intelligences that are constantly honed.

INDIVIDUALITY – MCAMS will inspire its students to be the best they can be. While we make sure that education is made available to everyone, irrespective of creed and economic status, we also strive to allow every child to grow naturally and develop their unique personality. We shall provide avenues and an intellectually conducive learning environment where they can find and pursue their own fields of specialiation.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL AWARENESS – Aside from committing itself to the development of the Filipino youth who loves his people, culture and tradition, MCA Montessori School will continuously strive to produce well-rounded individuals who are sensitive to the needs of the society and Mother Nature. Every child will be provided with opportunities and activities where he can learn and cultivate awareness on social and environmental concerns and eliminate apathy towards said issues.

GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS – Through the many programs designed for each child’s holistic development, MCAMS will persistently strive to make each student globally competitive and ready to take on the next step of their education. Each MCAMS graduate will be competent and will have the holistic confidence to enter any university he prefers and eventually reach success in his chosen career.

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